i'm a retoucher.


When you open an image, you can scroll with you mouse, use the arrows on your keyboard or even swipe with your phone to see other images!

i love great images

My name is Alex Harris, and this is my mission statement...

before & after

Move the
below the image left and right to see the Before & After


Perspective, lighting and color. Shadows, midtones, highlights and contrast.

You can dodge and burn. You can heal or clone. You could paint or even isolate frequencies.

Photoshop is there for everyone. The tools are there for everyone, but if everyone uses the same tools, why do some images stand out among others? Well, because tools don't make the difference, the retoucher does.

Photographers and directors aren't just clients, they're people.
I work with people.

Photographers put their heart into a photograph. When a photographer gives you an image, they're entrusting you with something precious to them. I think, the most important tool that a retoucher should have in the box, that no software gives you, and that you only learn how to use over time...is caution.

It sounds simple, but subtlety, nuance and finesse are all key qualities that take time to develop.


So by now you’re wondering about how much I cost. Well, the easiest way to say this is, there is no standard price. While my prices fit the general standards, I realize that every situation is different. For this reason, I choose to discuss and if needed, negotiate prices depending on the project. The simple answer is: Prices are project based.

Having said that, as a reference point, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!